ABC Group is a Powerful & Professional Exporter in India for any other kind of Quality Raisin.

We do not offer just Jobs but Career. We have career path defined for all employees.

People are our strength and pride. Fundamental to the work at ABC Group and to its competitive position is respect for development of employees.

We believe that…

    • Employee development is not just about acquiring skills to solve specific problems, but also about addressing challenges and expanding perspectives
    • Continuing personal development is as much an obligation of all employees as it is of supervisors, executives and managers.
    • Building human competencies and capacities is critical to our continued growth and success.

All You Need To Demonstrate And Continually Improvise Upon Is:

    • Knowledge
    • Creativity
    • Passion
    • Teamwork

We also expect to follow a set of values to excel in our business and to become a more conscious citizen of the world.
Quality of Life

    • Work towards building better quality of life for our employees and the society as a whole.
    • Share knowledge and create an environment of trust and respect for all
    • Assume responsibility and accountability for all our actions.
    • Follow the Health, Safety and Environment guidelines
    • Discharge our duties as a caring citizen and a socially responsible organization

If you want your life to be more rewarding, both professionally and personally, ABC Group is the place for you. You can fill out the enclosed application form and send it to